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  日期:2010-12-10 14:02:47  
1. Welcome to our city! 欢迎到我们的城市来!
2. I hope you're enjoying your stay here. 希望你在这里过得愉快。
3. Are you used to the life here? Does the weather agree with you?你习惯这里的生活吗?你适应这里的气候吗?
4. How long have you been in China? 你在中国多长时间了?
5. Is this your first trip to China? 这是你第一次来中国吗?
6. There are many interesting places here. I'd like to show you around. 这儿有很多有趣的地方,我愿意带你去看一看。
7. How do you like Chinese food?你觉得中国菜如何?
8. What's your impression of China so far? 你对中国的印象如何?
9. Are you here on business or for pleasure? 你来这里是出差还是游玩?
10. Please let me know if you need any help.如果需要帮助,请告诉我。
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